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White Papers (8)

Fitting Your Business Intelligence Solution to your Enterprise: Four Options, One Right Decision, white paper, English

People throughout your organization are called upon daily, if not hourly, to make decisions that affect your business performance. Who could blame you for wanting them to make the right decision and make it quickly? But no matter how experienced and dedicated your employees are, they’ll only consistently make the right decision if they consistently […]

Slides (2)

Tableau online training

Are you new to Tableau but don’t quite know where to start? This video will help you accelerate your Tableau skills in various topics like dimensions and measures, charts, and filters.  

Tableau Server Basics

This presentation will show you the benefits of deploying a Tableau server and how to run this process successfully. It will give you a step by step instruction to go through architecture, licensing, authentication, and resources for self-study. There will be tips and advises on managing the implementation process.  

Other (1)

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop

Welcome to Tableau Desktop 8.1. Getting started with Tableau Desktop by reading this guide. You can follow along using sample data to learn how to connect to data and build views.  

E-books (4)

An introduction to Tableau Desktop

Tableau is the next generation’s business intelligence software that brings traditional complex analytics to the end user in a desktop environment with dynamic and faster performance.It is easy to use and it can combine data from various data sources such as spreadsheets, databases, cloud data, and even big data- all into one program to perform […]

Getting Started with Tableau Desktop

Welcome to Tableau Desktop 8.1. In this guide, you can follow along using sample data to learn how to connect to data and build views. After going through this guide, you will know how to connect to data, create your first view and learn a bit more about Tableau  

Brochures (3)

Infor Analytics

You can gain power over the data your company relies on to succeed. But you need a financial consolidation and reporting solution that lets you eliminate manual processes so you can focus on analysis. CPM Financial Consolidation can help.  

Infor Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management provides the flexibility that companies need to easily configure financial statements. With Corporate Performance Management, financial statements can be presented in multiple formats, use multiple currencies and exchange-rate scenarios, and use flexible account group headings.

White Papers (10)

Designing a new ERP

What manufacturers need from new ERP solutions to prepare for emerging challenges. The whhite paper gives you some suggestions to form standards before designing a new ERP.

ERP Implementation Risk: Identifying, Monitoring and Remediating Issues Throughout the Project to Ensure Success

ERP project is notorious for high failure rate. Enterprises are often under great pressure to complete ERP projects based on tight schedule and budgets, so corner-cutting and missteps often occur.

Videos (12)

Are you ready for ERP challenges?

ERP là một giải pháp chiến lược đối với sự phát triển của doanh nghiệp. Tuy nhiên, trước khi quyết định đầu tư vào phần mềm ERP, doanh nghiệp luôn băn khoăn: Liệu mình có thật sự cần giải pháp ERP hay không?

Slides (3)

ERP LN Finance Concepts Overview Training

These presentations explain how to use new functionality enhancements in Infor LN 10.4 and other applications within the vertical industry Cloudsuites.  

HTML5 based Enterprise Modeler (DEM)

In Infor LN 10.4, the Dynamic Enterprise Modeler (DEM) has been completely redesigned using HTML5.  

Reports (4)

Analyst Report: The Value of Upgrading ERP: Maintaining Modern Technology

Organizations that do not upgrade their ERP may miss out on new technology that could significantly improve their business. The purpose of this report is to identify the reasons that organizations choose to upgrade their ERP as well as the enhanced technology capabilities and benefits that these organization experience.  

Nucleus Research’s Review of Infor Cloudsuites – Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturers facing increasing competition need modern systems that support value chain visibility, rapid change, and customer centricity. In analysing Infor CloudSuites for Manufacturing, Nucleus found they took advantage of the cloud benefits of flexibility, rapid time to value, and support for innovation to drive greater competitiveness and efficiency. Some manufacturers have been slow to adopt cloud applications, but […]

Other (1)

User Interface Concepts

Infor help you do things like personalizing your LN screens, uploading journal entries, uploading cash transactions, updating data right from a spreadsheet, adding conditional formatting and much more.  

Case Studies (5)

Ferrari chose Infor LN

Ferrari is a global company that sought to enhance the sophistication of its IT systems to better manage its internal processes and improve efficiency. The huge re-engineering of Ferrari’s processes required software support; Ferrari chose Infor LN.  

HKL Baumaschinen

“The overall operating cost of Infor LN is highly appealing. Since its introduction, running costs are substantially lower.”, said Rolf Tittmann, Head of Information Systems and Organization, HKL. Download our case study to find out how Infor LN helped HKL to improve performance and achieve sustainable results.  

Brochures (4)

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) – Cloud ERP for manufacturing

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you can reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, securely manage MTO and ETO operations, and free up much-needed capital to kick-start new ventures—all in an environment that provides greater reliability and security than you could provide on your own.  

Infor ERP LN

Our ERP LN solution is specifically designed to help you master every bit of your complex manufacturing business, including design, supply chain management, production and service management.  

White Papers (42)

6 Steps for linking Corporate Strategy to the Budget

The budget is supposed to be the tool by which an organisation transforms its strategy into action. Unfortunately, up to 60 percent of organisations do not link their corporate strategy to their budget. This paper will show you how to link these related management processes and strengthen your business performance management capabilities.  

ACCA report: The road to real time reporting

Investors believe that a move towards ‘real-time’ reporting would enhance investor returns and improve the level of confidence in corporate reporting, reveals ACCA’s latest research examining how corporate reporting is changing in the face of demands from investors. The study suggests that companies which provided information on a continuous basis would be perceived as having […]

Slides (2)

CGMA global economic forecast Q1 – 2012

The CGMA global economic forecast is a leading indicator of global economic growth and contraction that is based on global financial executives’ evaluation of corporate prospects, tangible performance data, and first-hand knowledge of company staffing, spending and financing plans. The survey is conducted quarterly, polling AICPA and CIMA members holding executive positions in both public […]

Office of the CFO

CFOs are under greater scrutiny as the economy remains uncertain while regulations tighten and investors lose their confidence. Standing still isn’t an option for finance professionals in such a dynamic and volatile business environment. The key responsibilities and competencies expected of CFOs nowadays have been changing. Key findings from a survey conducted by ICPAS(*)  

Reports (3)

CIMA Management Control for Sustainability

This study develops a conceptual framework to understand the roles and uses of control systems in the integration of sustainability within organisational strategy.  

Joining The Dots – Decision making for a new era

In today’s business world, making sound strategic decisions is increasingly difficult, not least because of the current VUCA – volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Traditional decision-making frameworks can no longer provide the levels of effectiveness and responsiveness organisations need. What can business leaders do to make quicker, better strategic decisions?  

Other (1)

Infor Expense Management solution footprint

Tracking hidden costs, reducing the time and effort you spend accounting for expenses and payments, and preventing outright fraud are some of the ways that Infor Expense Management helps you reduce wasteful spending. Travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management doesn’t need to be so difficult anymore.   

E-books (1)

Get On Board the IFRS Train

IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is the result of decades of pursuing a universally accepted set of accounting and financial reporting standards.  

Case Studies (10)


AstraZeneca was formed by a merger that brought together a pharmaceutical sales force of more than 7,000 and created an immediate need for a more sophisticated travel and entertainment (T&E) system. The new company ended up implementing Infor Expense Management, which provided workflow capabilities, improved compliance and employee satisfaction, and delivered greater visibility into the […]

Case Study: Ocean & Oil Holdings streamlines financial reporting with Infor SunSystems

“Infor SunSystems has increased automation, improved reporting, and enhanced decision making within Ocean & Oil.” said Osinoiki, Chief Financial Officer, Ocean & Oil.  

Brochures (17)

Bank Payment System for Infor SunSystems

eBanking solution for SunSystems named Banking Payment System is a complete solution for both payments and statement processing, automating, or making easy, the booking of everything that happens in your bank accounts. There’s more to bank account management than payments to creditors, and there’s much more to a bank payment system than generating electronic payments. […]

CPM Financial Consolidations

You can gain power over the data your company relies on to succeed. But you need a financial consolidation and reporting solution that lets you eliminate manual processes so you can focus on analysis. CPM Financial Consolidation can help.  

White Papers (1)

How to invest in guest facing technologies

  This whitepaper outlines challenges faced by hotel owners and management companies in the technological era, including uncertainty over the combination of TV and Internet; new categories of technology; and shrinking replacement cycles.

Videos (1)

How Hotels take advantage of Big Data

Following the digital era, the sources of unstructured data building up within your hotel are growing exponentially. Are you curious about how hotels are using and can use these sources of data? Do you want to learn how to monitor the feedback generated via social collaboration tools like TripAdvisor, Twitter, and Facebook? Do you want […]

Brochures (4)

Accounting software for Hotels

You need hotel accounting software that’s specific to hospitality measurements, departments, ledgers, and users, and that complies with hotel industry regulations and best practices-so you can deliver financial results with confidence.  

Infor CPM for Hospitality Overview

As a hotel executive, you need to be on top of every aspect of your business, including reservations, front office, engineering, accounting, sales and marketing and more, Infor CPM for Hospitality can help.  

White Papers (17)

3 Keys To Personalization

The Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically changing long-standing retail industry practices and processes. Having enjoyed a rich history of direct contact with suppliers and customers, retailers will only continue to grow and strengthen those relationships with the implementation of new connected technology. Consumers, too, are embracing the innovative ways in which IoT can enrich […]

3 Tips to Simplify Omnichannel

Since the arrival of cross-channel shopping, customers have come to expect higher, for example, they can order an item online and return it in-store. Seems simple, but not easy. This whitepaper will show you how to simplify omnichannel and help you understand your customer needs as well as your internal business.  

Infographic (2)

How consumers embrace omnichannel shopping

Why should retailers implement omnichannel strategy? The answer is consumers are increasingly becoming omnichannel shoppers. Let’s look at a typical example of omnichannel shopping experiences that more and more consumers come to enjoy in order to understand their evolving buying journey.    

Omnichannel in action

These 3 omnichannel strategies will help brick-and-mortar stores stay competitive in the digital age. They have been implemented by big-name retail chains and can greatly benefit both retailers and their consumers.  

E-books (2)

E-Book: Succeeding In The Retail Business During Economic Stress

News headlines all over the place about bankruptcy of retailers may give the impression of a gloomy outlook. However, some retailers actually have thrived during such periods of slow economic growth. What are their success secrets?  

New Rules Of Engagement

From the genesis of retail, businesses have placed a paramount focus on customer engagement. Over the years, however, the desire for efficiency began to eclipse genuine engagement as economic structures shifted toward big-box retailers and department stores. Thankfully, forward-thinking retailers recognized that decreasing depth in their customer relationships is detrimental to the long-term survival of […]

Brochures (2)

Retail Pro 9 – Serious software for serious retailers

Widely known for its impressive scalability and adaptability, the Retail Pro retail software suite consists of Point of Sale, Store Operations, Merchandising, Inventory Control, Payment Solutions, Business Intelligence and the list goes on.  

Retail Pro Prism POS: Application Data Points

The new modular, light-weight and incredibly flexible retail management solution called Retail Pro Prism shows retailers what agile retailing and customer experience will look like in the 21st century.  

White Papers (1)

Optimizing expense management with digital receipt filing

An easy, cost-effective method for maximizing a company’s investment in automated expense management is the use of digital receipt filing for management of travel and entertainment (T&E) receipts.  

Brochures (2)

Expense Management Solution

Whether you need to focus on business issues, slash costly inefficiencies, and make a profit. To do so, you need expense management solution to improve and streamline the management of their employee expenses.  


time@work provides service organisations with the tools, data and processes needed to run a successful, efficient and profitable business.Whether you operate in a single country or globally, in one language or in many, in one currency or in multiple currencies, time@work can integrate your processes and bring you the benefit of complete control.  

White Papers (15)

2017 Global Human Capital Trends

The 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report includes a survey of more than 10,000 HR and business leaders across 140 countries. The report reveals how leaders are turning to new organizational models that highlight the networked nature of today’s world of work

4 ways to attract the best and brightest workers

Are you still struggling to fill the skill gaps created when experienced autoworkers left the industry during the economic downturn? You’re not alone.  

Slides (2)


ProfileXT™ Psychometric Assessment Multi-purpose Assessment used to Identify the best Talent, Utilize Talent & Develop your existing Talent.  

Retaining Top Performers

Peter Drucker , Famous Management Consultant states: “ Chances are good that up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first twelve months.” So, how we can avoid this?  

E-books (3)

Mastering Management: From John Doe to CEO

Management is, essentially, the organization and coordination of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives. Organizations that are led by effective managers will experience low turnover, maximum productivity, a high caliber of talent, and an increase in bottom-line results.  

No Succession Plan? No Success!

Effective succession planning helps companies recruit superior employees and develop them to full potential. Without a succession planning process, organisations should prepare to face to a lot of human resource challenges when there is changing realities of workplaces.  

Case Studies (1)

Creating a Team Building Culture

Do you struggle with retaining talent and keep them stay with the company for the long term? Do you want to encourage your employees to achieve higher levels of performance? If your answer is yes, then you should take into consideration of improving employee’s engagement. In this whitepaper, you will be introduced an approach with […]