CheckPoint 360°

The concept of “360-degree feedback” is a trend on these days due to its high efficiency and objectivity in evaluating and developing a top manager in any sized company. CheckPoint 36 leverages on this concept and develops a standard to assess on: Charismatic Leadership.
This term is incorporated by the 8 Universal Leadership Competencies, which are divided into 70 Behaviours. The survey participants are going to give feedbacks to “One self” based on these behaviours and the survey result identifies this self’s strengths, weaknesses as well as their location on the way to being a charismatic leader.

CheckPoint 360° highlights:

  • Useful for leadership development, strategic workforce and succession planning.
  • Highly confidential survey process. The participants do not know the others’ answers and apart from Boss and Self, all participants remain anonymous in the report.
  • Survey criteria are universal and have been adopted by many organisations around the world.
  • 5 visual reports whose features are to serve different levels of audiences: Self, Bosses and C-level.

All this and much more. . .

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