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Talent Management


Many organisational leaders have been long bothered by endless questions revolving the employee cycle, from how they can make the talent management decisions and avoid mistakes in recruitment, how they can obtain the success of talent management to how to develop leadership capacity and create a harmonious working environment between leaders and subordinates. In such the scene arises the demand for assistance from assessment tools which not only evaluate but bring long-term values to the organisational development. So, TRG’s Talent Management helps organisations of all sizes to build and to retain a high performance workforce.

Why choose us for your business?

There might be many assessment providers available right now, but we are confident that Talent Management Solution suite by TRG International will be the suitable choice for you with our offer of:

  • Psychometric-based assessments
    Our total – person assessments are based on advanced behavioural science and continually validated and updated to assist through all stages of employee cycle.
  • Localisation
    We provide assessments in Vietnamese, English and 30 other languages and all assessments are normed to the working population to indicate your behavioural tendencies in comparison to people in your nationality.
  • Handy and visual reports
    Our multi-purpose reports written in business language are visual and applicable to various industries. Besides, you do not even need support from psychology experts to read and understand the reports.
  • Dedicated support
    Our experienced consultant team is always ready to support you in understanding the results and giving suggestions on next steps to utilise the assessment outputs.
  • Leading-edge assessment centres
    Our assessment centres are online systems to help you manage and track your assessment activities independently and confidentially.

Talent Management Products


A total – person assessment that can be used in hiring, training, development and even succession planning, measuring to which extent an individual fits with a certain position in the organisation.

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ProfileXT® Executive Leadership Report

A specialised report generated from ProfileXT, highlighting the leadership competencies underlying in the PXT’s result of an individual.

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ProfileXT® Team Report

Another specialised report generated from ProfileXT, targeting the notable differences between the leader and his/her members in a team as well as suggesting alternatives to approach and improve.

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CheckPoint 360°™

A 360-degree survey aiming to support leadership development by collecting feedbacks from all sides in a professional relationship of a manager in his/her current position.

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Profiles Performance Indicator™

An assessment focusing on how an individual’s personality has impact on his/her performance and cooperation with team at work as well as suggesting ways to motivate employees and reduce potential conflicts.

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Profiles Managerial Fit™

An assessment featuring the explanation about compatibility between a manager and his/her subordinates.

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Profiles Sales Assessment™

A total-person assessment that measures the match of an individual to a certain sales position in your organisation and supports you to enhance sales performance.

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Profiles Sales CheckPoint™

A 180-degree survey that collects evaluation about selling abilities of sales people from themselves and their managers to help them optimize sales performance.

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Profiles Pathway Planner™

An intensive assessment that is built on “Job-Fit” concept, aiding high school and university students in career orientation.

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Customer Service Profile™

An assessment to measure the fit of an individual to a customer service job in an organisation and pinpoint ways to coach existing customer service people.

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2017 Global Human Capital Trends

The 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report includes a survey of more than 10,000 HR and business leaders across 140 countries. The report reveals how leaders are turning to new organizational models that highlight the networked nature of today’s world of work

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ProfileXT™ Psychometric Assessment Multi-purpose Assessment used to Identify the best Talent, Utilize Talent & Develop your existing Talent.  

Retaining Top Performers

Peter Drucker , Famous Management Consultant states: “ Chances are good that up to 66% of your company’s hiring decisions will prove to be mistakes in the first twelve months.” So, how we can avoid this?  

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Mastering Management: From John Doe to CEO

Management is, essentially, the organization and coordination of the activities of a business to achieve defined objectives. Organizations that are led by effective managers will experience low turnover, maximum productivity, a high caliber of talent, and an increase in bottom-line results.  

No Succession Plan? No Success!

Effective succession planning helps companies recruit superior employees and develop them to full potential. Without a succession planning process, organisations should prepare to face to a lot of human resource challenges when there is changing realities of workplaces.  

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Creating a Team Building Culture

Do you struggle with retaining talent and keep them stay with the company for the long term? Do you want to encourage your employees to achieve higher levels of performance? If your answer is yes, then you should take into consideration of improving employee’s engagement. In this whitepaper, you will be introduced an approach with […]