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Professional Services Management

Professional Services Management Overview

Through three highly-configurable software systems, professional services management brings process automation, control and analysis, including expense management and forms management, to the professional services sector:

  • time@work: time sheets, attendance forms, expenses, workflow, billing, planning, budgeting, reporting and interfaces to and from financial and other systems.
  • expense@work: expenses, workflow, budgeting, reporting and interfaces to and from financial and other systems.
  • forms@work: forms management are configurable for expenses, procurement, absence management, mileage reporting, marketing requests, workflow, interfaces, reporting and etc.

All three professional services management products are built on a platform that enables multi-company, multi-currency and multi-language implementation.

iPhone App expense4you extends the technical range of expense@work enabling image capture online and offline and upload to expense@work. Apps for forms@work and time@work are in the pipeline. Download ‘expense4you’ or ‘expense4you at home’ to your iPhone and give it a try.

Why you should choose systems@work for your enterprise?

We bring you a complete package – software plus services – to help you get the most out of technology:

– Service management: Manage your entire customer lifecycle.

Our Professional Services Management solutions help you with:

– More than 42,000 users around the world.

– Available in 30 countries and in 14 languages.

– Rapid low-risk implementation through configuration rather than software development.

– Straightforward upgrade – systems@work automatically upgraded after new versions become available.

– Ease of deployment as a hosted service or on your own servers.

– Ease of implementation using basic, worldwide available and locally compatible foundation.

Our Professional Services Management Product

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time@work provides service organisations with the tools, data and processes needed to run a successful, efficient and profitable business.Whether you operate in a single country or globally, in one language or in many, in one currency or in multiple currencies, time@work can integrate your processes and bring you the benefit of complete control.