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Embark on a journey to ERP implementation excellence

Do you know that:

  • 75% of the projects suffered from duration overrun.
  • 55% of the projects suffered from cost overrun.
  • 40% of organisations which implemented the systems realised less than half of the benefits they initially expected.

ERP implementation could be a costly, time-consuming, and upsetting endeavour. That is why TRG is here to be your partner in the journey to the implementation excellence.

Why our solutions              

We are a market-leading Enterprise Applications Consulting firm with more than 20 years of proven success of implementation and maintenance services.

We deliver complete solutions, software plus services, to your challenges. Our approach focuses on not only technology, but also organisational, human and business aspects, to realise the full benefits you expect from a project.

What we deliver                                   

  • A single point of accountability throughout the consultation, implementation and maintenance phases of an project.
  • World-class systems that will propel your business forward.
  • Proven project implementation methodologies and tools ensure timeliness, cost savings, and risk mitigation.

Our solutions help you

  • Increase information visibility and accessibility for faster, smarter decision making
  • Streamline business processes for higher productivity.
  • Reduce lead time, time to market for better response to ever-changing customer demand.
  • Optimise your supply chain and inventory for greater efficiency.
  • Enhance quality and services for improved customer satisfaction.
  • Our specialised products for your company

Why Infor ERP systems

TRG empowers our clients with next-generation ERP systems from Infor for following reasons:

  • Infor is among the world’s Top 4 providers of ERP systems.
  • Infor ERP systems are highly customised for specific industry and company size.
  • Infor’s next-generation ERP systems utilise the latest innovations in this field such as cloud technology, advanced analytics, in-memory technology, and customer-centric UX (user experience).
  • Infor ERP systems offer out-of-the-box industry best practices, making costly customisations a thing of the past.


Our ERP Products

White Papers (10)

Designing a new ERP

What manufacturers need from new ERP solutions to prepare for emerging challenges. The whhite paper gives you some suggestions to form standards before designing a new ERP.

ERP Implementation Risk: Identifying, Monitoring and Remediating Issues Throughout the Project to Ensure Success

ERP project is notorious for high failure rate. Enterprises are often under great pressure to complete ERP projects based on tight schedule and budgets, so corner-cutting and missteps often occur.

Videos (12)

Are you ready for ERP challenges?

ERP là một giải pháp chiến lược đối với sự phát triển của doanh nghiệp. Tuy nhiên, trước khi quyết định đầu tư vào phần mềm ERP, doanh nghiệp luôn băn khoăn: Liệu mình có thật sự cần giải pháp ERP hay không?

Slides (3)

ERP LN Finance Concepts Overview Training

These presentations explain how to use new functionality enhancements in Infor LN 10.4 and other applications within the vertical industry Cloudsuites.  

HTML5 based Enterprise Modeler (DEM)

In Infor LN 10.4, the Dynamic Enterprise Modeler (DEM) has been completely redesigned using HTML5.  

Reports (4)

Analyst Report: The Value of Upgrading ERP: Maintaining Modern Technology

Organizations that do not upgrade their ERP may miss out on new technology that could significantly improve their business. The purpose of this report is to identify the reasons that organizations choose to upgrade their ERP as well as the enhanced technology capabilities and benefits that these organization experience.  

Nucleus Research’s Review of Infor Cloudsuites – Cloud ERP for Manufacturing

Manufacturers facing increasing competition need modern systems that support value chain visibility, rapid change, and customer centricity. In analysing Infor CloudSuites for Manufacturing, Nucleus found they took advantage of the cloud benefits of flexibility, rapid time to value, and support for innovation to drive greater competitiveness and efficiency. Some manufacturers have been slow to adopt cloud applications, but […]

Other (1)

User Interface Concepts

Infor help you do things like personalizing your LN screens, uploading journal entries, uploading cash transactions, updating data right from a spreadsheet, adding conditional formatting and much more.  

Case Studies (5)

Ferrari chose Infor LN

Ferrari is a global company that sought to enhance the sophistication of its IT systems to better manage its internal processes and improve efficiency. The huge re-engineering of Ferrari’s processes required software support; Ferrari chose Infor LN.  

HKL Baumaschinen

“The overall operating cost of Infor LN is highly appealing. Since its introduction, running costs are substantially lower.”, said Rolf Tittmann, Head of Information Systems and Organization, HKL. Download our case study to find out how Infor LN helped HKL to improve performance and achieve sustainable results.  

Brochures (4)

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) – Cloud ERP for manufacturing

With Infor CloudSuite Industrial, you can reduce IT upgrade and maintenance costs, securely manage MTO and ETO operations, and free up much-needed capital to kick-start new ventures—all in an environment that provides greater reliability and security than you could provide on your own.  

Infor ERP LN

Our ERP LN solution is specifically designed to help you master every bit of your complex manufacturing business, including design, supply chain management, production and service management.