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Business Intelligence & Analytics

Make data your most valuable asset
Our Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions empower businesses to turn their data into a profit-making asset. Lightning fast data visualisation, self-service dashboards, advanced analytics, powerful reporting, security, mobility and scalability – such capabilities are now at the fingertips of everyone in your organisation. Intuitive and easy to use – our solutions are designed so that ordinary business people can benefit from the systems without relying on specialists.

What is Business Intelligence & Analytics?

In today’s digitalised world, every business creates and consumes data. In many cases, however, data is an underutilised asset because of its sheer volume and complexity.
Business Intelligence & Analytics solutions help you make sense of your data and turn it into actionable insights, which drastically change how your organisation operates and makes decisions.

Before Business Intelligence & Analytics

After Business Intelligence & Analytics

Information is fragmented and siloed. Information is analysed and shared across the organisation.
You have an incomplete, sometimes inaccurate view of how your business is doing. You have a complete, true view of how your business is doing.
Your organisation operates only in the ‘present time’. It cannot learn from past outcomes, and is in the dark about the future. You understand what happened and why, learn from the outcomes, and can confidently predict the future.
Rushed decisions can be made using incomplete or false information, or even based solely on intuition. Well-informed decisions are made using ‘facts & figures’.

Market-leading solutions

Tableau was founded in 2003 by 3 geniuses from Stanford University and has since been synonymous with innovation and excellence in Business Intelligence & Analytics. The Gartner’s 2016 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms places Tableau in the Leader quadrant for the fourth time. Out of numerous Business Intelligence & Analytics vendors in the market, only 3 are in the leader positions. Tableau solutions are being used by 39,000 users in many organisations of all sizes in 150 countries, from businesses to government agencies to not-for-profit organisations.

Business Intelligence & Analytics business intelligence & analytics BI & Analytics Business Intelligence Analytics

How It Works

Tableau’s disruptive approach to Business Analytics is to imitate the natural processes of human comprehension. By combining computing graphics and databases technologies, Tableau helps us understand data and answer our questions very quickly with little technical skills required. For example, database queries are replaced by intuitive drag-and-drop actions that anyone can perform.

Tableau is designed for business users by giving everyone the power to gain insights from data. Unlike many other legacy systems, our inspiring and easy-to-use solutions are built from scratch with the user-centric approach. So that any ordinary business user can be an expert in BI without relying on specialists. This can only be achieved with the product design that took into account the way humans naturally ask questions, process information, and discover the answers.

Make sense of data via the cycle of Visualise – Analyse – Discover – Interact

Data visualisation
As human beings, we process information much better with visual cues. Patterns and trends emerge from dull numbers thanks to engaging charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards. Every single element of Tableau’s data visualisation is deliberately chosen to maximise your comprehensive capability: which colours are included in the colour palettes, which shapes are used.
Discover opportunities
How would a 5% drop in exchange rate affect our bottom line? Should we hire more part-time staff and lengthen opening hours? What if we switch to a more reliable supplier that costs 7.5% more? Actionable insights into such scenarios give managers unprecedented decision-making power. Tableau solutions empower you to ask intriguing questions and receive fact-based answers to guide your course of actions.
Visual Analysis

No need for coding skill. Analysing data now is as simple as drag-and-drop. You can build visually stunning dashboards that display all the trends and patterns of what are going on in your organisation. Which customer segment should we focus on? Where should we cut cost and by how much? The answers to such questions may now be just a glance away.

Tableau solutions allow you to consolidate data from multiple sources – spreadsheets, databases, big data, or the cloud – to come up with just one single source of truth.

Interactive stories

Every insight tells a story, and you can share it with everyone in the organisation. Tableau allows you to create live, interactive dashboards that help foster organisation-wide collaboration, break down information silos, and encourage all employees to take initiatives.


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