Tableau Desktop

Tableau Desktop is a simple yet powerful Business Intelligence & Analytics solution that can turn anyone into a “data geek”.

Extract value from multiple data sources

Draw a bigger picture by connecting your Tableau Desktop to any data source with just a click – spreadsheets, databases, cloud data, or even big data sources. You can establish live connections to your databases to get real-time data.

Don’t let data volume and complexity deter you. Tableau Desktop’s data blending capability allows you to combine separate data sources much quicker than traditional data warehouse processes. For example, you can blend an Excel spreadsheet with a SQL database with just a few clicks.


Analyse data as fast as you can think

Intuitive and ground-breaking technologies make Tableau Desktop up to 10 times faster than its competitors. Click, drag, drop – and you’re done!

Tableau’s Data Engine in-memory technology enables you to quickly analyse a huge amount of data without excessive hardware requirement. One PC or laptop is all you need to unlock the full power of your data.

Explore new posibilities

With each new insight, a new possibility arises. Tableau Desktop lets you ask deeper questions, spot patterns, identify correlations, perform calculations, and create forecasts. Even complex analytics is made easy and lightning fast.

Share your insights

Publish interactive dashboards to the public and engage viewers with inspiring visuals. Let them take part in your stories by interacting with the dashboards. You can also securely share them with your colleagues via Tableau Server or Tableau Online.

Stay mobile

Tableau Desktop is optimised for mobile devices and allows you to continue your work on the go.

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