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Charity at TRG International


Through our charity activities, we give the people within our TRG community the opportunity and chance to meet, share, comfort and touch the lives of others and to really make a real difference.

It reminds us to treasure what we currently have and always strive for the better as well as sharing and giving back to our community. Learn more.

TRG International Blood Donations

Blood Donation

Giving blood is such a simple and quick activity most healthy people can participate in on a regular basis. In Vietnam there is a real blood shortage and TRG has been a regular donor for many years.

Our CEO and founder Rick Yvanovich has been donating blood for nearly 3 decades and encourages people to give up a little bit of themselves several times a year. Learn more.

TRG International WWF Tree Planting 2016

Tree Planting

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now (Chinese Proverb). Our aim is to plant a million trees, it’s going to take us a long while and we’ll have fun doing it. Learn more.

TRG International We Paint events

We Paint

Held on the first and third Sunday each month “TRG Activity: We Paint @ PJ’s Coffee”, is hosted by TRG International and provides you the opportunity to relax and unleash your creativity in convivial surroundings. Learn more.

TRG International CSR Events

CSR Events

TRG has always felt it important to give our people multiple opportunities throughout the year (ideally monthly) to give back, in a way they feel they want to, to the community in which we’re operating in and a part of.

We have several recurring CSR events over the years, both internal and external such that if you miss one opportunity, it comes around again. As we ourselves are also part of the community we also provide CSR opportunities for ourselves too.

Blood Donations, Tree Planting and Charity are favourite recurring themes. Painting was recently introduced to help with work-life balance.

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