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ProfileXT® is a multi-purpose, person employee assessment which aids in identifying candidates with a high probability for success

Profiles Sales Assesment™

Profiles Sales Assessment™ measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization so that you can optimize sales performance.

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ProfileXT® measures an individual’s match to a specific position within the organisation. The concept of “Job Fit” is unique in that it correlates an individual to the qualities they need in order to perform well in a specific position. Learn more.

The CheckPoint 360™

The CheckPoint 360™ survey is designed for effectively developing managers with a combination of feedback from subordinates, peers, direct bosses, clients/partners. Learn more.

Profiles Performance Indicator™

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is an assessment highlighting the impact of individual’s personality on job performance and collaboration in team. Learn more.

Profiles Sales Assessment™

Profiles Sales Assessment™ measures how well a person fits a specific sales job in your organisation, so that you can optimise sales performance. Learn more.

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We help organisations look for the right employees, form a successful team with them and aid them in maximising their talent and potential.

Our employment assessments provide your organisation with validated and highly reliable comprehensive information, which can be utilised for selecting the right people, enhancing their professional skills and building an effective succession planning programme.


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