They are very enthusiastic, attentive and professional.

Whenever an issue arises, TRG’s support team always helps us resolve it in a timely manner. I must say they are very enthusiastic, attentive and professional.

Mrs. Tran Thi Rong
Dai Viet Securities JSC

TRG’s support team is excellent

TRG’s support team is excellent. Usually, when we send support requests to TRG, responses arrive within 30-60 minutes only. I am very happy with the services of TRG!

Mr. Hoang Dinh Thong
Vietnam Mobifone

A million thanks to the TRG team

A million thanks to the TRG team for the prompt and efficient support…A special vote of thanks and appreciation goes to Toan, Dam Vi.Senior Support Consultant, for quickly and efficiently resolving an issue that would otherwise have made my month-end a night mere…Thank you for also going out of your way to resolve 3 more issues that were not initially raised on the ticket. Pro-activeness.

Ronny Shapumba

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