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ProfileXT® (PXT) Team Report

What is PXT Team Report?

These days, the increasing frequency of team working in employees’ jobs has resulted in the need for initiatives to enhance team efficiency. With the aim to address the potential conflicts in team building and management, PXT Team Report is developed as a source of reference information on the ultimate challenge to lead the team to success. Generated as a result of PXT, PXT Team Report combines PXT’s results of the leader and all members in a group to demonstrate how different from the leader’s the members’ outlook and reaction are as well as even to identify the working conditions under which the members are the most productive.


  • Useful for team creation and development, employee onboarding and conflict solving.
  • Clearly identify the differences between the leader and his/her members so that the leader might adjust or find a more appropriate approach.
  • Report provides analysis and visualisation on all cognitive and behavioural traits.


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