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ProfileXT® (PXT) Executive Leadership Report

What is PXT Executive Leadership Report?

Leadership has always been a wide topic and even leadership style is also a wide one as each person embodies different leadership style, which needs a suitable working environment to shine.  A standardised set of criteria to explore the possible behaviours of an individual given in a managerial position and determine which is the best leadership style in a particular scene shall be addressed with PXT Executive Leadership Report. Generated as a result of PXT, the PXT Executive Leadership Report presents another interpretation of PXT’s result and shifts its focus to the so-called “6 Components of Leadership Success”. Through the analysis of the individual’s behavioural expressions, his/her leadership style is manifested along with the challenges he/she might experience being a leader.


  • Useful for leader development and employee productivity improvement.
  • Combine with PXT’s original reports for deeper understanding about an individual and better delegation to maximise his/her ability in leadership context.
  • The 6 Components of Leadership Success are up-to-date and essential for organisation of all sizes, forms or locations.


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