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What is it?

expense@work is an enterprise class expense management solution for organisations ranging in size from 25 to 5,000 Employees.

expense@work automates the entire employee expenses claim process and integrates with all major Financial Systems including SunSystems, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Coda and Sage.

Organisations deploying expense@work ensure internal and regulatory Expense Management Compliance, Exceptional Financial Control and Powerful Expenses Reporting.

expense@work is renowned for its ease of use and is implemented in organisations throughout the UK, Ireland, Europe, Asia and The United States.



expense@work key features

Ease Of Use

expense@work enables employees to enter expense data quickly and effortlessly. Employees can select expense items without needing to understand or know any account code information.

Customisable Forms

Multiple forms can be setup and configured in expense@work depending on data capture requirements. Different form types can be made available to groups of employees (so for example US based employees see a different form than UK employees) and all or some employees can have multiple form types available on their home screen.


The expense@work routing rules and workflow engine enables forms to be routed to multiple approvers throughout the organisation based on a combination of definable factors:

– Forms can be routed based on reporting lines.

– Forms can be routed based on spending limits.

– Forms can be routed based on project selection or other customisable rules.


expense@work includes an extensive range of reporting options to ensure that employees, management and finance have full visibility over expenses expenditure.


One of the most important functions available in expense@work is the ability to enforce corporate expenses policy.

Rules can be configured in expense@work to ensure that employees enter all required information and the system can then validate the expense claim at the point of entry and advise the employee if there are any problems with the claim.

Policies can be set at a global, country, departmental or individual level and configured to be either advisory warnings or rejections.

Additionally, submission messages can be created which require employees to acknowledge their understanding of company policies. These messages can be configured on per form basis so that employees in different jurisdictions or with different roles see messages that are tailored to them.


expense@work forms can be configured to automatically calculate reimbursable mileage amounts based on HMRC or taxation authority guidelines. Alternatively mileage calculations can be based on company policies and can vary depending on vehicle type, vehicle ownership and other factors such as employee role or location.

expense@work tracks employee mileage and automatically changes the reimbursement rates based on company or taxation rules.

Finance, managers or employees can view reports at any time showing miles and mileage claimed by employees.

Travel Requests & Cash Advances

Employees can request permission to travel in advance of incurring any expenses and forms can be routed to the Line Manager for approval and then (optionally) on to the Travel Department who can make the travel arrangements if required. Employees can be required to enter either general information relating to their travel or alternatively very specific details about the flight and hotel arrangements they are planning.

Credit Cards

expense@work has been integrated with all the major Credit Card Providers and Financial Institutions.
Credit Card transactions can be imported into expense@work and will automatically be assigned to the appropriate employee who can then review the statement and add any additional information required (such as justification notes or client details).

Carbon Footprint Tracking

Organisations are increasingly recognising the important role that employees play in implementing effective carbon management programmes and expense@work allows organisations and employees to track and report on their carbon footprint as they submit their expense claims.

Corporate employee travel is a significant contributor to global CO2 emissions and the carbon footprint tracking tool in expense@work provides a simple and highly effective method of monitoring employee emissions.

Finance Integration

One of the primary benefits of implementing an automated expenses management system is the elimination of time consuming and error prone transaction rekeying.

expense@work is unrivalled in its integration credentials and will export transactions in the appropriate format for all major financial accounting systems.

expense@work also interfaces to other business applications such as Payroll, HR and bespoke Practice Management solutions.

Remote Access

Because expense@work is a browser based it can be deployed within your organisation but still be available to employees in any location. expense@work supports HTTPS and also VPN based setup and access can also be granted over mobile devices such as iPhone and Blackberry.

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