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Infor Expense Management

Travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management doesn’t need to be so difficult anymore. Infor Expense Management now brings you the most innovative and comprehensive solution available for cutting T&E costs while making it easier for travelers to file accurate, timely expense reports.

Infor Expense Management helps you reduce wasteful spending by tracking hidden costs, reducing the time and effort you spend accounting for expenses and payments, and preventing outright fraud.

What it does?

Modular by design, Infor Expense Management gives you the ultimate in flexibility. You get a single, fully automated system for managing travel and entertainment expenses, employee-initiated purchases, and employee time capture. You can deploy on-premises or in the cloud, and purchase modules in any combination at any time. You also get world-class reporting and auditing capabilities. The solution includes:

– Expense Reports—Travelers can create and manage expense reports whenever and wherever it’s convenient, including via a smartphone or tablet. Plus, reviewers can open expense reports and attach supporting documents when they receive email alerts, without logging into the application.

– Travel Plans—Enforce corporate travel policies before spending occurs by verifying compliance as employees make travel plans and create a fast, easy approval process. You can also attach travel plans to expense reports and compare planned versus actual expenses to improve approval decisions and increase the accuracy of future budgets.

– Payment Requests—Effectively track and accurately allocate employee purchases that are made immediately and that often bypass requisition and order processes as a result. Infor Expense Management eliminates duplicate data entry and automates validation, to help ensure that requests are accurate, complete, and charged to the correct cost centers or project codes.

– Timesheets—Streamline and simplify the creation of timesheets and improve accuracy by letting employees report project hours and general work/absence hours in a fraction of the time required by paper-based methods. Quicker processing times and fewer errors lead to more efficient customer billing cycles and a reduction in days sales outstanding.

– Mobile device support—Allow employees to create expense reports on smartphones and other mobile devices anywhere, any time. Managers can also view and approve expense reports from their mobile devices, leading to time savings, faster response times, and increased productivity.

– Digital receipt management—Employees can easily attach, email, or fax receipts for a paperless solution.

– T&E budget controls—You can import cost center or project-related budget figures into Infor Expense Management and monitor accruals against budgets, so that you can avoid getting surprised by unexpected spending.

Infor Expense Management also incorporates alerts and automatic analysis capabilities to help nip policy violations in the bud and uncover hidden opportunities for savings. The system:

– Alerts employees to violations as they enter data, allowing them to provide explanations or make corrections before submitting plans or expenses.

– Alerts reviewers, obtains necessary approvals, and then triggers events such as issuing plane tickets and reimbursing expenses.

– Automatically analyses data, searching for opportunities to transform spending into savings.


In addition, Infor Expense Management:

– Captures information for analysis and benchmarking, identifying spending patterns that can be used to negotiate savings with vendors.

– Supports multiple languages and currencies.

– Provides seamless integration for corporate card data.

– Works with all international date and currency formats.

– Facilitates application of rules and policies specific to independent divisions or geographic locations.

– Accommodates country-specific per diem rates, local taxation requirements, variable VAT rates, and mileage rates.

– Significantly reduces discretionary spending through compliance, visibility, third-party spending, and error reduction.

– Seamlessly integrates with other Infor systems.

What it means?

You’ll have the power to:

– Reduce the cost of processing expense claims by up to 50%.
– Manage high transaction volumes easily and economically.
– Eliminate time-consuming, labor-intensive, and mistake-prone manual processes.
– Consistently and effectively enforce travel and entertainment expense policies and ensure regulatory compliance.
– Dramatically decrease the number of late expense claims and timesheets.
– Significantly speed up the reimbursement process.


The Infor Expense Management difference

Unlike other expense management systems, Infor Expense Management uniquely offers:

– The ability to tailor your solution to meet specific business requirements and to “plug in” to your existing back-office infrastructure. With a powerful configuration module, you have control as your business and requirements change.
– Comprehensive control over employee spending through consistent policy enforcement during expense entry, repeatable documented processes, automated workflow, digital receipt filing, and automated approvals.
– Choices, whether they have to do with deployment (on-premises, hosted, or subscription), reporting (Data Warehouse, Business Objects, Cognos, or BIRT), or platform (MS SQL Server, Oracle, or DB2).
– Lower cost of ownership through pre-loaded common data, business rule templates, a best-practices approach to implementation, and multi-language, multi-currency capabilities.

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