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 Infor Financial Performance Management


With Infor Financial Performance Management (FPM), you’ll be able to transform your planning, budgeting, strategy management, and financial consolidation functions from processes that simply support your business to strategic activities capable of driving it.
With Infor FPM, you get technology that empowers—rather than controls—you. You can integrate your financial performance management processes organization-wide, while building the foundation for better, faster decision making across all areas of your business.

What is Infor Financial Performance Management (FPM)?

Infor FPM helps your organization plan, monitor, and improve financial performance. It gives you quick answers about business performance from a single solution, so you can manage your organization’s budgeting, forecasting, financial consolidation, and strategic planning processes, and report and analyze results at all levels of your organization. You get a single source of the truth so you can make the best business decisions possible.
Infor has helped CFOs, CEOs, CIOs, and other financial performance stakeholders from over 2,000 organizations world-wide across all industries to increase the overall health and competitive advantage of their businesses by improving their financial planning, budgeting, and strategy management processes.
Infor FPM has proven success in the following industries: services, healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, and public sector.


What it does?

Infor FPM drives improvements in the following financial areas:

What it means?

When you take control with Infor’s proven, fully integrated FPM solutions, you’ll be able to:

– Tie business plans directly to corporate directives.
– Reduce budgeting and reporting process time by up to 70%.
– Measure, monitor, and analyze key performance indicators.
– Reduce the time it takes to make decisions throughout your organization.
– Keep pace with ever-changing market standards, regulations, and internal reporting.
– Prevent mistakes, react properly, and make decisions consistent with corporate objectives.
– Plan a broader array of initiatives to improve operational and business performance.
– Improve the quality of your information and decisions.


Core features

Budgeting and planning:

– Create strategic plans quickly and easily, and cascade strategies throughout your organization.
– Create tactical plans and link them to your strategic plans.
– Collaborate on planning.
– Predict trends, create accurate models, and monitor performance against plans.
– Build financial and workforce budgets at the level of detail you require.
– Achieve buy-in from key stakeholders.
– Monitor budget submissions and approvals anytime, anywhere.
– Apply leading edge statistical forecasting techniques to predict where your business is going and support more accurate planning efforts.
– Take advantage of a fast in-memory database for multi-dimensional analysis, planning, and modeling-making your plans more accurate.
– Obtain near-real time actuals and be able to drill back to transaction level detail.


Strategy management:

– Compare actual results against planned results.
– Identify trends.
– Build color-coded reports to track your strategic plan progress to help minimize implementation time.
– Track costs and revenue by initiative.
– View performance of individuals assigned to tactics.
– Assess the impact one plan element is having on other elements.


Financial consolidation reporting:

– Store data in a central, secure database, and ensure everyone sees only the information they’re entitled to see.
– Quickly and easily collect data from operating units around the globe and across disparate financial or operational systems, departmental structures, and supply chains.
– Consolidate statutory and management data to meet local and international reporting standards.
– Easily establish group inventory levels and procurement requirements, allowing for bulk ordering and improved discount negotiations.
– Support multiple currencies and local compliance reporting needs.

Infor Financial Performance Management