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Participate in our meetups and get the opportunity to network with other professionals inside your industry. Our meetups deals with the newest trends and knowledge sharing is at focus – and we appreciate input! Therefore, we offer you the opportunity of becoming the keyspeaker at a meetup.

Upcoming Meetups

Gain a competitive edge and participate in our upcoming meetups which deal with the latest trends and challenges in an ever-changing business world. We call it a place for knowledge sharing. Participate now.

Meetups Gallery

Missed a Meetup or want to know more about the contents of past meetups? Look no further. We have compiled a gallery list to help you catch up. Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming meetups! Browse gallery.

Speak at a Meetup

Keen to share your knowledge and experience with the rest of us? Then consider being a speaker at one of our meetups!

Sponsor a Meetup

Increase your business’ brand awareness among professionals inside your industry by sponsoring one of the upcoming meetups.

Host a Meetup

Think outside the office and invite your co-workers to a meetup in informal settings. Hosting a meetup inside our coffee stores boosts creativity and offers a nice break from the usual surroundings.


Our web-based seminars gives you the comfort of partcipating in our online presentations from the comfort of your own office.

Co-host a Meetup

In an ever-changing market, subjects go hand-in-hand. Therefore, we offer the possibility of sharing the content and outline of the meetup. Learn more.

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