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Designing a new ERP

What manufacturers need from new ERP solutions to prepare for emerging challenges. The whhite paper gives you some suggestions to form standards before designing a new ERP.


ERP Implementation Risk: Identifying, Monitoring and Remediating Issues Throughout the Project to Ensure Success

ERP project is notorious for high failure rate. Enterprises are often under great pressure to complete ERP projects based on tight schedule and budgets, so corner-cutting and missteps often occur.


ERP-Much Better With Than Without

As complex a system as ERP is, the decision-making around selecting, upgrading, and changing an ERP system is even more complex. The system touches almost every aspect of planning for a manufacturing company, from budgets and reporting, to detailed inventory and production scheduling.  


Five key factors in Optimising Complex in Manufacturing Businesses

Growing revenues and cutting costs are an age-old remedy for increasing profits, so it is no surprise that manufacturers now are focused on those tried and true basics to grow.


Infor Examining the pros and cons of modifying your ERP solution

Huge numbers of manufacturers have no system or inadequate systems to support growth. This represents a huge opportunity…to become more competitive through technology upgrades alone.  

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