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Fitting Your Business Intelligence Solution to your Enterprise: Four Options, One Right Decision, white paper, English

People throughout your organization are called upon daily, if not hourly, to make decisions that affect your business performance. Who could blame you for wanting them to make the right decision and make it quickly? But no matter how experienced and dedicated your employees are, they’ll only consistently make the right decision if they consistently […]


Going from reactive to proactive – What Business Intelligence means today

Explore Business Intelligence functionalities that enable you to get insights into your business in the real-time.  


Integrated Reporting – The Value Creation Process

Today, many organisations is accelerating and streamlining their business data facilitated by Integrated Reporting (IR). The whitepaper shows insights and which approach is comprehensive and effective in the value creation process to get benefits for your business.  


The democratisation of data: How information can give power to your people

Business intelligence and analytics solutions are widely considered by CIOs and analysts to have great potential for delivering measurable, bottom-line improvements to the enterprises that are best prepared to take advantage of them. Results to date and technology investment patterns indicate that these technologies will be a priority for top-performing companies for the foreseeable future. […]

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