time@work is used by many of the worlds leading organisations and has been designed to combine Employee ease of use with powerful and flexible Reporting and fee/cost calculations. Professional Services Automation (PSA) software such as time@work brings a rapid return on investment. This is achieved through the optimal allocation of human resources, the elimination of unbilled activity, the timely and accurate billing of accumulated or contracted fees, tight financial control and the provision of critical management information through up-to-the-minute reports. Learn more about time@work by selecting from the options on the right or viewing the short introductory video below.


The time@work Timesheet Module has been designed to combine employee ease of use with powerful and flexible analysis, reporting and fee/cost calculations.

time@work timesheets can record Project, non-Project and absent time and timesheets can be submitted, by week, fortnight, month or other period.

Each timesheet can calculate costs, fees and inter-departmental charges using definable rules for employees, roles, departments, projects, clients, companies and other dimensions.

Timesheets are submitted and authorised through a user friendly browser window and can be routed for authorisation based on reporting lines or conditional rules (such as Project Manger).

Additionally, permitted Users of time@work Maintenance can use direct Timesheet Entry to enter timesheets and authorise them on behalf of Employees. This is especially useful when absence is unplanned or sudden.



Precisely synchronise materials and manufacturing operations to assemble complex products with mass production efficiency and profitability. Quickly respond to last-minute customer changes with out-of-the-box best practices that enable just-in-time and in-line sequencing for made-to-order processes.


The time@work Budgeting Module enables organisations to establish unlimited budgets for forecasting and planning of both time and expenses.

Central administrative planning can take place through time@work Maintenance and time@work also enables Employees to plan their own time or their team’s time through the browser-based Budgeting Module.

Resource Planning

The time@work Resource Planning Module enables organisations to optimise the deployment of resources by matching the right Employees, with the right skills, to the needs of each Project and Task.

Employee searches can be carried out on the basis of:

  • Minimum required skill levels.
  • Required Role.
  • Other analytical dimensions of Employees.
  • Required Dates.

Additionally the time@work allows soft and hard allocations of Employees to Projects using user-definable Allocation Levels.

Allocations made by Users are communicated to Employees by email and through the Professional Services Workbench. Additionally, time based schedule reports can be opened through the Professional Services Workbench to show time or other values by Project or Employee.


The time@work Invoicing Module is a highly configurable and flexible billing engine which is designed to handle the many different invoice types and professional services billing scenariosdule.

Multi Company

The time@work Multi Company module enables organisations with multiple legal entities and inter-company recharging requirements to manage their businesses more effectively.
Whether you are one legal entity or several, view your employees and projects as a single pool, with complete separation of legally separate accounting data.

Multi Currency

The time@work Multi-Currency module meets the simplest as well as the most sophisticated requirements for multi-currency transactions and reporting. time@work can operate both in a single currency and record a transaction in up to 20 different currencies.

Whether your business is multi-national or domestic, whether your customers and suppliers are foreign or local, multi-currency transactions are part of everyday business life.


The up to date management information provided by the time@work Reporting Module is essential for the control of a service business, enabling the right decisions about business streams, clients, projects and employees.

time@work’s data structure and reporting tools enable the development of unlimited multi-dimensional reports.

Erase Of Use

time@work has been designed to be easy for employees and managers to use. The browser based Professional Services Workbench is the medium through which employees work with time@work.

Powerful Fee & Cost Calculation Engine

time@work enables complex calculations to be automatically carried out based on timesheet and expense data entered by employees. For example Fees and Costs can be calculated based on definable rules such as Employee Role, Client, Project, Task, Hours Worked etc.

Finance Integration

Much of the information entered and managed in time@work (such as invoices, expenses, WIP and write-offs) will have accounting implications and the system therefore provides a mechanism for transferring transactions from time@work into accounting systems such as Dynamics, SunSystems, SAP, Sage and Coda.

time@work can be configured for unlimited Charts of Accounts enabling full multi-company accounting and data can be exported to additional systems such as payroll

Multi Language

time@work enables your Employees to interact with the system in the language of their choice.
time@work is fully multi-lingual enabling multi-national deployment across multiple character sets. And because time@work utilises Unicode technology we can ensure that radically different languages can co-exist (e.g. Russian, Japanese, English).

All text and fields in time@work are available for editing using the online Data Dictionary tool and unlimited numbers of languages can be created. Languages can then be applied at an Employee or Company level.


Access to the administrative functions of time@work is controlled by user names with password protection. Each user is associated with an Access Profile which permits or denies access to specific functions and data in the system.

Specific data level security is also possible for Employees, Clients, Projects, Value Tables (typically Fees and Costs), Ledger Modification Profiles and Inquiry Profiles, so you can control which groups of records an individual Employee may view or update.

Access to all functions in the browser can be controlled at system or at individual Employee level and access to Timesheets and Expense forms can be controlled using our proprietary login details, Active Directory or OpenLDAP.

hrough the browser-based Budgeting Module.

Transaction Import

Integration with third-party software is easy with systems@work. Data which originated in other systems (such as invoices, historical timesheets and expense claims) can be imported. Additionally, time@work allows organisations to import corporate credit card statements thus saving your staff the time of re-keying the same data into expense forms.

systems@work provides a general import functions that allow you to map data from flat, fixed or delimited files, or from Excel spreadsheets, to data fields in the time@work database.

Additionally you can import static data such as Employees, Clients, Projects, Tasks and Analysis, as well as transaction data destined for the Actuals or the Budget ledgers.

Access to all functions in the browser can be controlled at system or at individual Employee level and access to Timesheets and Expense forms can be controlled using our proprietary login details, Active Directory or OpenLDAP.

Customer Reports

The browser-based Customer Services Workbench provides access for customers to specific reports published to them from time@work, and enables billing approval of timesheet and expense transactions.

All this and much more. . .

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