Tableau Online

Tableau Online is the cloud-based version of Tableau Server that makes Business Intelligence & Analytics simpler and more accessible than ever before.


Centralise your data

No matter where your data comes from – in the cloud or in your organisation’s servers – Tableau Online can quickly, and safely, store it in a centralised place that is accessible from anywhere, at any time. Stay up-to-date with automatically scheduled refreshes or get alerted when the connection fails. Publish centralised data models data sources, metadata – to make sure everyone is working from a single point of truth.

Faster collaboration across the organization – and beyond

Tableau Online helps to share your dashboards and let people from your organisation access them from anywhere in the world. Even outsiders – customers, suppliers, and partners – can sign in from web browsers and gain access to your dashboards or reports.

Keep your data safe

Your data in Tableau Online is safeguarded by the toughest security measures, including network, user, operational and application security. More importantly, such measures are deployed 24/7 by Tableau’s security professionals so you do not have to.

Affordability & flexibility

Avoid the hassle of hardware investment and installation altogether. Implement the world-leading Business Analytics solution with just an Internet connection, and virtually no maintenance required. Switch to the more flexible subscription-based model. Grow easily from several users to as many as you want to.

All this and much more. . .



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