About Us

TRG is a global market-leading professional services firm focused on delivering technical excellence.

Key Elements

Our solutions include: Financial Management, Hospitality, ERP, Dynamic Enterprise Performance Management, Retail, EAM, Professional Services Management, Virtualisation, People Performance, Professional Services, Development and Support.

Target Audience

We help enterprises who desire an IT solution that works quietly and brilliantly in the background, freeing them up to focus on their core.


We are a genuine consultant and partner who deeply understands the challenges of our customers’ business and is always ready to deliver exactly the right solution for them.


quote1 trg Company quote openI guess we’re like other start-ups. We had a great idea, we had great people, we had great energy. We had great skills and people threw money at us and despite the obstacles we took off like a rocket and we all lived happily ever after. A good story that could probably be made into a hit film. Unfortunately we’re neither in Hollywood or Bollywood.

In the beginning (1994) we started with one man (but no dog) out of a dining room. We were young, we worked hard, we found customers in multiple countries so we added more people. We outgrew the dining room, we moved into offices and things went well and so we added yet another guy, things continued to go well and so we added another guy and things still went well and we added even more people and expanded to more countries and sold to customers in even more countries and added more solutions and more people.

We moved to larger offices and survived the late 90’x Asia financial crisis and expanded to even more countries and made some mistakes and survived the dot.com bust and exited some countries and dropped some product lines and survived the GFC and sold into even more new countries and added even more people and added more product lines and moved to even larger offices and added more solutions and customers in even more countries and that sort of brings us to where we are today… customers in 70 countries, our 250-ish people in 5 locations and some of our people 20+ years older, many of our people with 10-20 years service. We have centuries of experience. We’re nearly 21 and coming of age, so we are just beginning, our story has many more decades to come. Will you join us and make the story?quote2 trg Company quote close


– CEO, Rick Yvanovich



We are passionate in what we do and we love what we do. We aspire for excellence in what we do (passion for excellence). We are curious and we constantly seek to know more, we remain relevant (passion for learning). We make decisions, we just do it and get it done, we are Can-Do as we are result and goal focused (passion for getting stuff done and moving forward).


We say what we do and we do what we say. We are direct and honest and transparent. We believe in trust and we aim to do the right things.


People are key to what we do and thus we foster a collaborative and friendly environment where everyone is a valued partner in our success. Doors remain open to solicit and share ideas, propose initiatives, make mistakes and suggest improvements.


Nothing is perfect and thus we aim for continuous never-ending, lifelong improvement of ourselves and all that we do. Everything we can make just a tad better every day. Everyday we work on ourselves. We do not aim to do the best that we can, we aim to do the best that can be done, and then seek to make it even better.





We believe that

you should not

have to work for your systems,

your systems should work for you

We believe that you should

focus on your core business

We believe that

we should provide you with

the ongoing support needed,

when you need it

We believe that

we should work

quietly and brilliantly

in the background

Do you believe

what we believe?

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