TRG International | Assessments


TRG International applies scientifically researched assessments in our hiring process. All applicants are required to take and complete assessments as a compulsory step in the hiring process.


Why should you take assessments?

Our assessments provide in-depth, objective, comprehensive and reliable information about a person’s thinking styles, behavioural traits, interests and personalities. Each and every person has a unique pattern of mental capabilities, behaviour tendencies and preferences. We aim to help you discover your own traits and your level of compatibility with the jobs we have to offer.


How should you take the assessments?

Our assessments are not timed. You will answer the questions by choosing a pre-defined option. The answers will be recorded and processed automatically to generate the reports. There is no pass/fail result, as there is no “bad” answer. Therefore, just choose your mother-tongue language (ex: if you are Vietnamese, please choose to take the assessments in Vietnamese), read the instructions carefully, and answer the questions as honestly as you can.

What is next?

After completing our assessments, you will receive individual reports from our Assessment Centre. Prepare to be amazed by how accurate, profound and helpful the information is. We only process applicants who completed the assessments, so please do it as soon as possible and proceed to the next phase in our hiring process.


ProfileXT® is a multi-purpose, total person employee assessment which aids in identifying candidates with a high probability for success, with a high psychological skill potential, also providing development and coaching suggestions for using the potential of individuals to the fullest.

Assessment Scales

This assessment outlines specific features of the individual relating to Thinking Style | Behavioural traits | Occupational interests as well as specific job fit in the organisation.

Learning Index | Verbal Ability | Verbal Reasoning | Numeric Ability | Numeric Reasoning | Energy Level | Assertiveness | Sociability | Manageability | Attitude | Decisiveness | Accommodating | Independence | Objective Judgement | Financial / Administrative | Enterprising | Technical | Mechanical | Creative | People Service


Profiles Performance Indicator™

Profiles Performance Indicator™ is a personality assessment highlighting the impact of individual’s personality on job performance and collaboration in team. Its result aims to help managers better motivate their employees, support their development and improve team communication as well as predicting and minimising team conflict.

Assessment Scales
This assessment describes an individual’s personality based on five scales, identifies the matches within team members and gives suggestion for performance improvement based on the following behavioural features:
Productivity | Quality of Work | Initiative | Teamwork | Problem Solving | Adapting to Change | Reaction to Stress and Conflict | Motivational Intensity | Control | Social Influence | Patience | Precision | Ambition | Positive Expectancy | Composure | Analytical | Results Orientation | Expressiveness | Team Player | Quality Orientation


“The secret to long-term success is one’s ability to really know yourself. The assessments helped me to reflect upon my strengths, weaknesses and propensities and allowed me to accurately assess my skills and abilities.”


“When receiving the result from PXT assessment, I’m amazed by the accuracy of the analysis and the amount of in-depth information about my core behaviors. The assessment has a significant implication on my career orientation as it points out the strengths and weaknesses of my behaviors in a working environment. Apart from that, it also provides a guidance on the types of career that fits my personalities most.”


“I was surprised yet satisfied at the result. The report gave me description about myself, some of which I had never paid much attention to. And since the information was organised clearly and scientifically, I could draw some important points from the reports to work more on to align with my development direction.”


“Profiles XT and PPI helped to discover myself that I would not be able to know on my own. Before the assessments, I was hardly sure how to maximize my strengths and minimize the weaknesses to improve working ability. Now, Im totally confident because I know what I’m capable of.”


Are you ready to discover your own traits and your level of compatibility with the jobs we have to offer?